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Here at Wood Boiler Supplies we are proud to offer trade supply of the Biotech, SOLARFOCUS and Strebel ranges of Austrian biomass boilers.

Biotech pellet heating solutions are optimised to generate low emissions thanks to continuous technological development – whilst maintaining a high degree of efficiency.

The revolutionary Dual Combustion Control (DCC) ® technology is used throughout the Biotech range of pellet boilers. Using a combination including air flow sensors, the quality of the pellet fuel is automatically detected and combustion parameters are adjusted accordingly. This means that the boiler is able to adjust to varying pellet quality automatically and ensures that the Biotech boiler is a robust and reliable machine. Sub 45kW boilers are MCS accredited in the UK to ensure that consumers are able to access UK government renewable schemes.



SOLARFOCUS have 30-years’ experience in biomass heating. They offer a range of pellet boilers from 10-70kW (cascaded up to 420kW), including the innovative Octoplus boiler that integrates a buffer tank within the footprint of the boiler, saving space and conserving energy.  SOLARFOCUS also manufacture the Therminator boiler range, which has the ability to burn pellets and logs, or woodchips and logs, giving increased flexibility to the end client – want to burn pellets during the week and logs at the weekend – no bother!/p>

SOLARFOCUS boilers can also be combined with SOLARFOCUS solar thermal panels to create a fully automated all year round integrated heating system, which ensures that you can make the most of the suns energy when it is available, so conserving your biomass fuel and reducing running hours on your boiler.





StrebelOur range of Strebel Turbotec wood gasifying boilers provides efficient burning of log wood with low emissions and complies with stringent pollution legislation.  The boilers have full lambda control, with a wide log loading chamber that enables easy loading and can facilitate burn time period of over 8 hours.

The Turbotec boiler is available in versions LC-E, LC1 and LC2.  The LC-E is delivered with full lambda combustion control.  The LC1 and LC2 include all the features of LC-E but with added digital control of themal store loading and return flow protection. LC2 gives additional control of multiple heating circuits, solar thermal input, and automatic switch on of a back-up boiler.



In addition to biomass boilers, we also offer a number of other products to enable optimum installation...

IVT Latento - Thermal Stores for solar maximisation

IVT Latento - Thermal Stores for solar maximisation

Specialist range of latent material thermal stores for specific application with solar thermal input to maximise solar gain

TML Thermal Stores

TML Thermal Stores

Full range of thermal stores for heating applications - choose from the standard buffer tank ‘PF’ range, or one of the AMX, MXW, or SMX ranges for additional solar coils and domestic hot water coils.

LOVATO - Hydraulic components

LOVATO - Hydraulic component

Zone distribution systems, Mixing units for radiant panel plants, Forced circulation solar stations, Domestic water heaters, Separation modules with plate heat exchanger, Solar transfer modules, Heating controllers, Hydraulic separators, Heat Interface units

Schellinger - Pellet mole

Schellinger - Pellet mole

A vacuum device for transporting pellets from the fuel store to the boiler. This innovative product allows for flat bottomed silos to maximise storage space and minimise dust creation.

Watts - Valves and controls


Boiler safety groups, Thermal discharge safety devices, Expansion vessels and Gauges.

LK International - Valves and controls


Return flow protection devices, 3-way valves, mixing valves, actuators and temperature controllers.


Wood Pellet Storage - External pellet silos


Wood Pellet Storage are an Irish based company committed to supplying quality domestic and commercial wood pellet storage solutions for the European market. Designed and tested to be able to cope with all weather conditions their range of pellet stores completely prevent condensation and moisture entry and are built to last.

Silotec - Internal pellet silos


Allg Silotec GmbH produce the Volumax fabric silos.  Lightweight, but at the same time exceptionally sturdy, these silos have a vibrating plate that enables maximum storage capacity as the silo has a flat bottom.

SWEP - Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers


SWEP is one of the world's leading suppliers of brazed plate heat exchangers (BPHEs). The BPHE is one of the most efficient ways to transfer heat from one medium to another. A BPHE consists of corrugated plates combined to create complex channels through which a hot medium and a cold medium can be distributed.


Kent - Lubricants

Kent lubricants

KENT is one of the world’s leading suppliers of highly efficient chemical products used for cleaning, care, repair and maintenance. They have a 75-year history and produce specialist lubricants.