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LOVATO SpA Hydraulic Solutions


LOVATO manufacture a range of hydraulic products that are invaluable for heat distribution and integration.

The LOVATO zone distribution systems enable the output from a biomass boiler system to be split and used for different purposes, e.g. a higher temperature radiator circuit, a lower temperature underfloor circuit, and a hot water cylinder - the distribution can be controlled using set temperatures, or can be weather compensated.  The distribution systems are available as a DN20, DN25, DN32, DN40 and DN50 size to sit most domestic and commercial applications. LOVATO also offer the new BOMBER micro storage tank with zone distribution to facilitate the output from heat pumps.

For instantaneous production of domestic hot water, LOVATO offer a range of Freshwater modules, from 20-litres/min up to 100-litres/min as single units with wall or floor mounted options, and can be cascaded to provide grater flow for larger commercial situations.

Where the biomass system is connected to a district heating system, LOVATO provide Heat Interface Units (HIUs) that are complete units to provide heating and hot water to separate properties through the use of heat exchangers.

LOVATOs range extends further to include solar pumping stations and other innovative and efficient hydraulic solutions for heating - you can download their whole catalogue here or visit the LOVATO website.

We offer sales, technical support and sales of spare parts for LOVATO products - give us a call on 01651 891237 for more information.

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