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TML buffer tanks / thermal stores


TML have been manufacturing tanks for over 30 years.  They have a wide range of products suitable for renewable applications - please download their full catalogue here, or visit the TML website to see the full range.

For use with biomass systems, we would usually recommend the 'PF' model of buffer tank/thermal store.  These are available from 300-litres - 5000-litres.  For most wood pellet boilers the guide is 35-litres of water storage per kW output of boiler, and for log boilers that is increased to 55-litres of water storage per kW output of boiler.  The smaller tanks come with pre-sprayed 'hard foam' insulation, whereas the larger tanks come with a removable insulated jacket with zip as standard.  You can also specify a lower solar thermal input coil (PFS). Please download the datasheet here.

For larger sized tanks, but with restricted headroom, suitable for fitting in shipping containers, etc, then TML offer the 'PUK' variant - download the datasheet for sizing information.  TML offer a full bespoke tank service - so if there is a particular size dimension that is important, or specific connections are required on the tank, this can be specified.

If you need to produce hot water from the tank instantaneously then the 'MXW' model comes with an upper integrated stainless steel coil - this means that a separate hot water cylinder is not required, as how water can be produced direct from the buffer tank - for more information download the datasheet.

We offer sales and technical support for TML products - give us a call on 01651 891237 for more information.

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