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SOLARFOCUS wood pellet, chip and log boilers


SOLARFOCUS offer a wide range of biomass boilers for both domestic and commercial applications.  Their boiler design features 'down' burning' technology, which enables their boilers to maintain a very high level of efficiency as no fuel is wasted as it falls into the ash area.  The SOLARFOCUS suite of products also all use a common EcoManager Touch Control - which means that everything can be automated from one application - this allows control over integrated technologies and remote access from your phone, etc.

The range of boilers is:

 - PelletElegance = 10-24kW pellet boiler for compact domestic scenarios

 - PelletTop = 35-70kW pellet boiler - their classic boiler can also be cascaded up to 420kW

 - OctoPlus = 10-22kW pellet boiler with combined solar thermal coil buffer for perfect integration

 - Therminator II = 18-60kW log boiler, that can also be specified as a combined log and pellet boiler, or as a wood chip boiler

 - Maximus = 150-300kW commercial pellet or wood chip boiler

To view more details on the whole range, please see the SOLARFOCUS website


To integrate with their biomass technology, SOLARFOCUS also offer 3 different solar thermal products, and an air source heat pump.

We offer boiler sales, technical support and sales of spare parts for SOLARFOCUS products - give us a call on 01651 891237 for more information.

SOLARFOCUS EcoManager Touch Control
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