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Strebel log boilers


The range of Strebel Turbotec wood gasifying boilers provides the efficient burning of wood with low emissions and complies with stringent pollution legislation. The boilers make the most of the many benefits of using a natural, renewable resource - wood in particular offers you an environmentally friendly, economic choice that can be sourced locally and easily and cleanly stored. This range of log boilers is available from a 20kw – 100kW and has an ‘L’ variant for large capacity loading


The Turbotec boilers are designed to burn a wide range of different wood heating material and can be used to heat domestic and commercial buildings. All kinds of dry untreated (natural) wood, in varying sizes, are suitable for the lambda control boilers and the burning process is adapted to output demand and also safely and efficiently takes care of low heat requirements.


Additionally, the lambda control allows the combustion of all elements from just loaded logs to the advanced blue flame burning of the gas which is produced from the wood. Blue-flame technology produces a blue to pink gas flame within the flame canal which is situated below the “in boiler baked fuel”. Accurate trimming of primary and secondary air maintains a clean combustion burn from loading to full burn out of the fuel. Furthermore, you’ll also benefit from minimal making up of the fire, as all the boilers are equipped with a wide log loading chamber that enables easy loading and can facilitate burn time periods of over 8 hours.


The Turbotec Boiler is available in versions LC-Easy and LC2. The TT LC-Easy is delivered with full lambda combustion controls providing accurate trimming of air to give blue-flame burning. The TT LC2 include all the features of LC-Easy but with the added digital control of Heat Store supervision and Boiler anti-corrosion control of the return water temperature. Additionally, an extra standard feature included with the TT LC2 is an electronic door solenoid, preventing the loading door from opening until permitted by the digital controller.

We offer boiler sales, technical support and sales of spare parts for Strebel Turbotec wood gasifying boilers - give us a call on 01651 891237 for more information.

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