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Biotech wood pellet boilers

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It was back in 1997 when the Biotech founders understood the enormous potential of pellet heating and renewable energy. In the garage of one of Biotech founders, Thomas Padinger, they started working on a customised boiler with the aim of making biomass heating systems accessible also to domestic houses.

Advancements in technology led to innovative developments such as the DCC – dual combustion control®, which is an integral, indispensable part of every Biotech boiler...  The lambda probe is fitted directly in the flue of the boiler and provides continuous data about the residual oxygen in exhaust fumes. The properties of the pellet fuel are automatically detected and adjusted in combination with the built-in air flow sensors.  This unique combustion system ensures high efficiency with low emissions and consumption – in every mode of operation.

The Biotech range of wood pellet boilers starts at 9kW and goes up to 101kW, it is also possible to cascade the boilers where the installation has a greater heat demand.

We offer boiler sales, technical support and sales of spare parts for Biotech products - give us a call on 01651 891237 for more information.

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